I’ve toyed with the idea of becoming vegan for many years. I’ve had “vegan days.” I even went totally vegan for about a month last spring – then my husband took me to a social event where they served BBQ pulled pork.

I wasn’t prepared. Did I bring my own food? NOPE! I just wasn’t thinking. Even the salad was drenched in some white creamy gunk. Not one bit of food I could eat but I did eat it. It was quiet satisfying at the time but it was the beginning of a downward spiral into a diet of meat, high fat, processed foods, and fast foods.

I felt the healthiest I had ever been during that “vegan month.” My skin was beautifully clear. I lost 12 pounds (all of which I gained back within two weeks of an omnivorous diet). I had more energy. I was overall happier.

I began this adventure eating an omnivorous diet one day and going cold-turkey (so to speak) to a vegan diet. The transition isn’t that difficult – yet. I know I’ll have challenging days but I’m determined to stay on track. I just need to remember I’m not only doing this for my self but for my family.

Join me in my journey of a vegan lifestyle.



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