PB&J – It’s That Simple

Remember that gooey yumminess that is PB&J? It was a childhood staple food for me – peanut butter, grape jelly, and white bread. I remember siting in my backyard on a tri-folding chair during summertime. My dad’s music sung thru the basement window – Elvis or Johnny Cash probably. The buzz of heat bugs echoed through the back woods. And there was my PB&J for lunch.

That wonderfully delicious lunch I enjoyed as a child makes the perfect vegan breakfast! I do make it a little more “adult” now.

My favorite bread to use is a pumpernickel raisin bread. I’ll mix shredded carrots in with freshly ground organic peanut butter. Today I used blueberry jam but use your choice. Lastly, I’ll sprinkle chia seeds on the jam. I’ll mix it up sometimes with almond butter and whole wheat bread. Most mornings, this is my breakfast of choice.

As adults we tend to forget the simple life of a child. Living a vegan lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. PB&J brings simplicity to the table.



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