Don’t Give in to the Cheese

The first day I decided to go 100% vegan was last Tuesday. I had just returned home from a visit to my mother’s house 900 miles away and it seemed like a great time to start. Nothing was going to stand in my way this time. I was mentally preparing myself during the 16 hour drive home thinking of what food I already have and what I need to buy at the grocery store. I was truly excited!

It was when I returned I found out there was a school Spirit Night (when the restaurant donates a portion of the bill to a school) for my son’s school at a local pizzeria. They have a full pizza bar – all you can eat buffet. Pizza of any kind is there. You can even special order pizza to be put out. I won’t mention the chocolate pizza.

“Dammit! Pizza! Pizza has cheese. I love cheese and pizza is not vegan,” I thought. Of course something would swoop in and temp me with delicious cheese.

Life is full of temptations. The question is do I give in or not?

I did not.

I enjoyed a whole wheat, thin crust pizza with extra sauce, green peppers, mushrooms, and spinach – no cheese. While everyone ate their buffet pizza, I delighted in my cheeseless pizza.

I was even asked, “Well, how does all the stuff stay on without the cheese? Doesn’t it just slip off?” by one of the other moms. It felt great knowing that I was not giving in to the cheese!


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